Tricolor Tikka Paneer Recipe 2022

Tricolor Tikka Paneer Recipe

If you are feeling particularly patriotic, then we are right here to gas up to your devotion to your country. This is a scrumptious recipe referred to as Tricolor Tikka Paneer Recipe¬† which will add up to the exciting and social gathering of the pageant of Independence and the Republic day. A hot and spicy delicacy that’s sure to brighten your buds in style with a blend of spices and other top-notch ingredients.
Tricolor Tikka Paneer Recipe 2022
Channel your love for your use of this independence day, use serving this indulgence to all your pals and household participants and see them being mesmerized over the burst of flavors that this dish emits. Made with three one-of-a-kind lovely colors- saffron, white and green, this is a jaw-dropping satisfaction that incorporates no longer solely an excellent style but satiates the soul as well.

When these juicy marinated paneer portions are cooked in a tandoor, offers a crispy and fiery style that makes each person drool and ask for greater and extra each time. The best indulgence for each party, Tricolor Tikka Paneer Recipe 2022 is going to jazz up the enjoyment of every tournament and bathe you with hundreds and hundreds of compliments and appreciation. What are you ready for now? Just go to the kitchen and start with the simple


Ingredients of Tricolour Paneer Tikka


  • 240 gm paneer curry
  • leaves as required
  • 10 gm cashew nut
  • 2 g mustard seeds
  • For the marinade salt to taste
  • 15 g garlic paste
  • 30 ml greater virgin olive oil
  • 5 gm pink chili powder
  • 2 gm yellow chili powder
  • 10 gm cheese cubes
  • 1 sprint spice cardamom
  • 1 gm fennel seeds powder
  • 20 gm mint
  • 3 inexperienced chili
  • 15 gm ginger paste
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • 60 gm hung curd
  • 2 gm garam masala powder
  • 2 dry pink chili
  • 1 tablespoon sparkling cream
  • 1 gm white pepper powder
  • 30 gm coriander leaves
  • 2 gm kasoori methi
  • 1 tsp chat masala powder


How to make Tricolor Tikka Paneer Recipe

Step one

To commence getting ready for this lip delight, first, decrease the paneer into 6 cubes of forty grams each. Now take a large bowl and mix the salt, lemon juice, olive oil, ginger, and garlic paste. Add the paneer pieces to the freshly prepared marinade to begin marinating.

Step two

Prepare the saffron-colored marinade for re-marination Keep in thought that you will want to create three special kinds of paneer tikka. Hyderabadi paneer tikka (saffron red) and Hariyali paneer tikka (green). Now, again, mix three pickles of each color. For the Hyderabadi mix, combine 30 grams of curd suspension, purple chili powder, garam masala, and yellow chili powder in a large bowl. Saute mustard seeds, dried crimson chilies and curry leaves in mustard oil and add to marinade. Mix nicely and set aside.

Step three

Ready the white and green-colored marinade For Afghani mix (white), take any different mixing bowl and add 10 grams of hung curd, cashew nut paste, cheese, glowing cream, cardamom powder, white pepper, and fennel powder. Carefully combine all the factors and set the bowl aside. While for the Hariyali (green) mixture, make a paste of chili, mint, kasoori methi, and green coriander leaves by grinding them thoroughly. Now, he combines this pasta with 20 grams of suspension curd, mustard oil, lemon juice, and chat masala powder and put the marinade except.

Step four

Divide the paneer cubes and marinate them in the corresponding colors next, distributing the paneer parts into three equal parts, which functionality two parts for every color. Now marinate all parts of the paneer in the corresponding marinade mixes. In other words, two servings of paneer should be dipped in each colored marinade. Marinate the paneer for 1 hour.

Step five

Roast the parts in a tandoor and enjoy Lastly, stab the paneer parts with tandoori skewers and arrange them by the coloration scheme of the tricolor, that is, saffron red on the pinnacle found through the usage of white and then the inexperienced colored paneer pieces. Let the parts of the paneer roast on a tandoor till cooked. Transfer them to a plate and serve hot and smooth with the mint chutney. Have fun!

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